Episode 10

CDS Action News Update - January 2023


January 7th, 2023

3 mins 35 secs

Season 3

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Events 1st Document submission deadlines
Kohler Engines available
Baja Tech inspection number assignment procedure
Aero/FSAE Hotel blocks
Aero precheck videos in learning lab
Fast track roster
Participation certificates
Industrial lecture series
Mentorship program
New Social media


Kohler Engines available - If there are any issues you will need to contact the engine distributor directly at [email protected]

Participation Certificates https://www.saeaerodesign.com/cdsweb/gen/DownloadDocument.aspx?DocumentID=0be923e8-210b-469f-a26e-8bd2478eea5e

Industrial lecture series [email protected]

Mentorship Program

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Formula SAE News Feed: https://www.fsaeonline.com/cdsweb/app/news.aspx
Baja SAE News Feed: https://bajasae.net/cdsweb/app/news.aspx

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